How To Get Free Amazon Cards, Walmart Cards And More Freebies (india Included)

Everyone loves free stuff right? I always search for free stuff on online websites. There are many scam sites out there asking you to sign up for surveys, download software in exchange for free gifts like amazon cards. I have often been asked to do this but now am wary. So, I am giving below the name of three legit sites which allow you to earn something extra while having great fun too. The rewards are in the form of gift cards that enable you to reddem it for products from amazon, ebay and the like. There are exclusive sites

for Indians too that give coupons and deals on a daily basis. Those who post deals get free mobile recharges too from the administrator.


1. Swagbucks- Earlier this site was open only to the western countries. Now it is open to the world. People can register forfree and earn instantly. A few minutes of surveys, search bar like on my lot and play along with a daily poll earns you virtual currency known as swagbucks. There are swagstakes too. Swagbucks can also be used to enter games and get huge rewards. These swagbucks can be redeemed for gift cards. The site is very easy to use and there is a daliy goal so that a user can moniter the progress. If you make a hundred swagbucks a day, you can redeem your gift card on the eleventh

day for sure. So, please join swagbucks and stop wasting time playing games on facebook.


2. Points2Shop- This is a great site which is very legit, allows you to sign up free, earn through a million oppurtunities and redeem it through many ways like gaming cards, gift cards or donate. Even fgrocery shopping can be done. Playing games is not only fun but also very rewarding in points2shop. So, I will not say more, find out for yourself and enjoy the trip.


3. Mechanical turk is the sister site of Amazon. A user can do small tasks and get paid in real cash. This cash can be transferred to your amazon account where you can redeem it for products sold there. There is no minimum payout and I have used my earnings to buy a L lawliett necklace for my son. I am still working there. I also request the administrator of EC to introduce amazon gift cards as a payment option. This will surely attract a lot of people who want these cards so dearly.


I am also providing the link of India free stuff, it is not a referral -

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