Self Storage - Why It Is A Booming Business?

The concept of self storage is relatively new. What exactly is self storage? It is a space available for rent to store goods or documents. When people shift from one place to another or when office space becomes overcrowded with old documents or records, it becomes necessary to store goods that cannot be used or transported. Earlier people used to rent warehouses for huge amounts of money. Often the space was more than required and the tenant had limited access to his own goods. Self storage removes a huge burden. People can rent small rooms to store goods even as

small as bicycles or toys. It can be reclaimed later.

Offices store their files and documents in the back office. The space is sometimes filled and it becomes a problem to store old documents safely. The documents would still be considered as evidence and must be kept safely. So self storage centers now provide climate controlled rooms to store documents.

Tenants have full time access to their spaces. No one else

is able to open their rooms or have a spare key. The tenant must claim his goods however within the specified period of time. The owner of the self storage unit has the right to auction the goods if it is not claimed within the specified time. There are auction houses which specialize in such goods.

Metropolitan cities have a floating population which keeps on shifting. Many people change their residence due to many reasons like job transfers, expanding business and relocating. Such people may not be able to take all their goods in one trip. So it requires storing of goods that cannot be disposed. Self storage centers are thus a boon to such people. There are indoor and outdoor spaces to store goods. Many people are now converting spaces to rent it out as self storage which is a booming business.

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