Paid To Play Games (genuine- No Fees Or Upgrades, No Referral Link)

Do you like to play games? Well, I do and I keep on searching for websites that allow me to play games and get paid for it as well. I have joined many paid to play games websites but almost all of them request for upgrades in order to get paid. I cannot pay because of the simple reason that Indians cannot do transactions through pay pal.

 I joined sites like dungeons and treasures but it seemed too huge a task to achieve the payout. Most people I know are like me, a little impatient and so, I left it in

the middle. Recently, to make the long story short, I came upon a site called Mates gate which not only pays to participate but pays for playing games daily. A member can join easily for free (no hidden agenda, no upgrade requests, and no blah blah). The member should then click the tab known as mates gate extra on the dashboard and register using the same name. This is important otherwise you will not get credited. There are special games each day and a member can submit high scores and compare with other players on the chart. A user gets credited for playing the game each day.

There are other ways to earn credits too. The paid to watch TV is the coolest offer and the spin wheel game can be played umpteen numbers of times even if you win or not. The ‘paid to chat’ program is another cool offer where members have to register

in the chat lounge and after that click other members name in the public chat to get paid for chatting. Members can also upload photos or videos.

There are different groups which a member can join like the Pinoy gateway, the American group, the Indian group, the writers group, the ‘my lot’ group etc; which a member can use to connect with others. Now for the main part- pay day. The administrator is very kind and shares the whole revenue share between the members. So, the more you are active, the bigger share you get. So, why wait, join today and get paid to play. After all, other sites do not give us a dime for doing the same things. Nor does the TV channel pay us to watch TV but Mates gates is another story altogether.

Note: Please join me in playing games and see if you can beat my score.
P.S. I love the sail boat game.

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