List Of Gifts That Can Be Given To Loved Ones


1. Ties
2. Perfumes
3. Favorite drinks
4. Wallets
5. Belts
6. Clothes
7. Objects related to work or profession
8. Music records
9. Pet gifts
10. Club memberships
11. Tickets for short or long vacations
12. Dinner
13. Electronic gadgets
14. Personalized gift items

Gifts for men should be chosen carefully because men generally consider the usefulness of the gift rather than the emotion attached to it.


1. Perfumes
2. Bags
3. Handbags
4. Clothes
5. Designer gifts
6. Jewels
7. Watches
8. Accessories
9. Make up kits
10. Coupons of popular stores
11. Flowers with gifts

12. Favorite drinks
13. Handmade crafts
14. Cookware
15. Electronic gadgets
16. Tickets for short or long vacations
17. Pregnancy gifts for mothers to be
18. Multi gift box

Women attach great importance to the gifts they get. So it should be remembered that gifts for women have to be appropriate. It

should suit the occasion and the taste of the person for whom the gift is intended. A woman who likes minimal jewelry will not like to receive heavy ones. Flowers are the all time favorite and florists provide options of giving gifts along with the flowers.


1. Toys
2. Books
3. Clothes
4. Study accessories
5. Bags
6. Coupons for kids
7. Snacks
8. Chocolates
9. Small jewels for girls
10. Bicycles
11. Sports items
12. Sports memberships
13. Electronic gadgets
14. Short trips
15. Museum visits

Spending quality time with children is the greatest gift elders can give. It is not enough to pile gifts. Kids should be loved and taken care of so that they become confident and sure of themselves.

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