To Love Or Hate?

Elders often say that we should tolerate and bear with criticism and rebukes of others. This is good advice indeed but how often can we practice it in real life? When others criticize us or reprimand us, we often firs try to make them see reason. However those in power think that they are above faults and do not heed the pleas of others. Thus, the situation leads to a quarrel or fight. Verbal conflict leads to unpleasant situations and irreversible conditions like job resignation and divorce.

What can be done to reverse such a situation? One need not keep quiet

but if the oppressor does not see reason, then it is better to keep away from such negative forces. Otherwise the negative energy will affect everyone around. A few minutes of the negative radiation will adversely affect the thinking process of others. Thus, the
others also will react negatively. So, walk away and come back after the negative radiation has ebbed away and then talk reason.

If you know you are right, then you need not tolerate injustice. People usually feel jealous of those who are better off. This jealousy is expressed in the form of displeasure and discontent. Jealous people will always try to show their hatred through words and actions. Such behavioral tendencies should be IGNORED COMPLETELY. If you do so for a few times, then those who make trouble will leave you in peace after they realize that you are above praise or blame. Another thing to remember is that even the hardest of hearts can be won over with love.

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