Maars International Spelling Bee - What It Is All About

The Maars international spelling bee scholarship exams are conducted every year. Kids who love to learn spellings and are interested in language learning will be good contestants and can go on to win good scholarships for higher studies. The Maars institution contacts schools and conducts school level exams. Students are given tests in spelling, pronunciations, synonyms and other related questions in English literature. Those who are qualified are admitted to the inter school level. The interschool level exams are a little more detailed and children are given opportunity to display their talent. After the exam, the Maars website announces the

result through their website. The staffs are very friendly and take care to answer questions regarding the exams patiently. The students who make it are asked to appear for the state level exams. As each level progress, the exams get tougher, so a student has to prepare adequately. After the state level, the student has to appear for the national level exams. The students who pass and qualify will then appear for the international level. The top twenty are rewarded and the top three get handsome scholarship amounts. The scholarship amount is deposited in the name of the student and cannot be misused by anyone.

Each level is conducted in two parts. For example, the inter school written and the state oral will be combined in one exam

schedule. The next level will have state written and national oral and so on. So, a student has to participate in all levels to be eligible for a scholarship. However the winners of state and national levels do get prizes sponsored by local groups or political parties. So, if your kid is interested in reading, then please enroll him or her in this exam and expose their talent. Please do not mistake that kids who read are only competent to make through his exam. Questions related to spelling are generally related to kids and their likes including games, cartoons, games and the like. The invigilators are very friendly and make the kids feel at home. Parents usually are unaware of such scholarship programs. So, please use these scholarships and help your kid shine.

Note: please do not force your kid for exams. Start early and train your kid to read. Reading habit is essential for developing the language especially if it is a second language. The Maars official website -please contact for details and registration.

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