Marriage And Divorce- Till Death Do Us Part

Modern life has changed the face of family life. People part for silly reasons. They do not value the relationships and stress more on their interests and comforts. Vices like ego, anger and selfishness are causing people to part ways more than ever before.

Modern life and family bonds
Marriage is a relationship between two people who love and trust each other. People marry to have a life long partnership with a person. They hope to share their life, their house, belongings and live together for many years till death parts. Marriage vows stresses on such words to seal the relationships

between partners in a marriage.

In the modern era, people take each other for granted. They are engrossed in increasing their material possessions and become financially secure. In the race to do so, people forget to tend to their relationships and make it secure. In earlier ages, women were solely dependent on their husbands. They were not given a status of ‘equal’ and thus bore grudges or abuse. Women of the modern age are educated and financially independent. They will not be ready to suffer any ill treatment.

Divorce rates are increasing even in developing countries at a fast rate. People opt for divorce even when children are involved. They do not reconsider their decisions. There are various reasons for this. Partners are less tolerant. The stress of modern life, the fast pace, high expectations, impatience, egoism, anger, emotional insecurity etc; are the common causes for divorce.

Modern life has changed the traditional way of living drastically. A house usually had a plump mother who cooked meals to feed her large family. The men folk used to work hard in the fields and return home happily. The modern life has changed the scenes completely. The mother and father work, often in different

shifts. The children interact more with their friends and less with parents. Family meal times are rare. Evening prayers have given way to television shows. This lack of coordination has led to the disintegration of the family.

Vices like ego, anger, selfishness, greed and impatience also have contributed to estrangement. Selfless love which marked the signs of a happy married life is no longer present. Partners are not willing to adjust and compromise. They prefer to part ways than give up their desires or way of life.

People do not realize that their children imbibe the parent’s attitudes and behavior. The life of the children and a care free childhood is being denied to children of divorced parents. Relocation has a great impact on children’s life emotionally. Changing schools and losing old friends is not acceptable to most children. The partners can try to reconsider divorce decisions if children are involved in order to provide emotional security to children during growing up years.

Married life may be successful if partners love each other, share unselfishly, adjust to a certain level and avoid unsuccessful arguments and fights. Arguments are never won because the people who argue will be left more convinced of their own strong points rather than accede. People who are married for a long time have withstood the trials of life by trusting, loving their partners and being patient enough to give life one more chance. - Please read this squidoo lens and my prediction.

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