Twitter - The Number One Social Marketing Tool, A Complete Review

Twitter has changed the face of social networking ever since its launch in July 2006 by Jack Dorsey. It is a micro blogging service. The site is based in San Francisco. The popularity and reach has grown so much that unassisted messages have been sent by astronauts from space stations outside Earth. Twitter has truly become a part of people’s lives. A person uses twitter for many reasons like posting updates in the form of tweets, staying informed of the latest news, participating in community groups, official purposes and fun.

New Account
A person can sign up easily to create a

new twitter account. There are no charges or hidden agenda. The username can be the real name with no spaces in between. After entering the details, the captcha code must be entered. The create account button has to be clicked to activate the account. Services like gmail, yahoo or other mail services can be accessed to link with friends who use twitter already. Twitter comes up with celebrity lists and options for following their messages known as tweets. One can omit this step if not interested. A new user is then introduced to his home page and he can now send his first tweet. The new user may be a little confused at first as he may not have followers. The first step is to follow other people whose tweets will be of use.

Every company worth its name now uses twitter to be in contact with its customers. Twitter is a great marketing tool that is used to communicate with the general public. A new user can type the name of a company or person he wishes to keep contact with and click the follow button. He will then be updated immediately. The benefit of twitter is that the tweets are limited to short messages, so it keeps clutter out. News sites can be followed to remain informed of latest events or happenings.

When a new user follows a person or group, they

respond with private thank you messages and a follow. Thus the network grows. If the user wants followers on a large scale to market his website, blog or company, he can sign up for related services which offer twitter followers like twiends. Twiends helps to gain followers for free and one is free to upgrade also. Automatic scheduling of tweets can be done through twaitter. There are other services too but twaitter and twiends are the most popular at present.

A user can reply to tweets. For this he can use the retweet button. The reply can be typed and the retweet button can be clicked. The retweet button is also a way of enticing people into interesting conversations. Twitter hates spam, so one should be careful not to misuse this feature. Article links and website links should be tweeted only once per hour to avoid being labeled as spammer. Tweets of extreme importance or relevance can be shared with followers to update them. Twitter helps people to stay inter connected.

Benefits of twitter
Using twitter has so many benefits that it is indispensable in today’s online world. Companies use twitter to communicate with its employees and also to maintain cordial relationships with its customers. A customer will get quick responses to his queries or complaints. Thus it will raise the good will of the company. Celebrities use twitter to give their followers honest messages instead of using a third party. They also use it to increase their fan following. Online marketing sites use twitter to increase sales. Content writing sites and online writers also use twitter to gain readership.

Twitter has something for everybody and the best part is that it is free. It is the most widely used social service and still continues to grow. Responsible tweeting will help to increase publicity and gain by it.

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