Tensions, Quarrels, Fights, Divorces, Kids Tantrums- The Why, How And What Of Life

Why are people so tense of late? We can see people arguing and fighting with words all the time during the recent years. Earlier if it was war and bloodshed, now it is a case of war with words. Peace has become a word in print only. It is not found anywhere. Relationship is the foundation of society. If people start to argue and quarrel with each other, then there won’t be any meaning to life.

Family is what glues the members together. If members do not have time for each other, then there will be distances and differences between

them. These short term differences make way for disruption and destruction of relations. It is high time that parents realize that the children have to be taught the value of human relationships so that they become ideal citizens of tomorrow. The children will obey the elders only if the elders behave properly. If parents are well behaved, then the children will follow suit. Parents should spend more quality time with their kids so that they feel loved and cared. A child who feels secure in the home will not
stray away to find love

Punishment in public is not good because it will only aggravate the kids. Instead, a parent can make the kid understand that inappropriate behavior will not be appreciated by others. Such loving advice will reduce the distance between parents and kids and form a strong bond. Parents who argue with each other are also not good examples. Such parents should be reprimanded and warned because kids learn attitudes from parents and these attitudes could make or mar their life.

Relationships are like China pots. They should be handled carefully otherwise they might break. It is the responsibility of the human beings to behave with humility and love towards each other so that the society is preserved. It should be remembered that shouting does not solve matters or problems; it only helps to worsen it. In short, human values are what is needed to save the situation like divorce and estrangement. 

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I am a writer and love to write about religion and philosophy. I also like to write verses about nature.

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