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Writing is a passion to some and a hobby to many. However the internet boom has indeed become a boon for writers like never before. Earlier writers and generally artists used to struggle for a living. A stray article or poem may get published in a magazine or two and even then the writer will get paid pittance for the hard work. In the recent years article content sites pay people to write about various subjects.

The most promising article sites in the year 2012 are expertscolumn, helium, ehow, wikinut and knoji. Expertscolumn for which I am

writing this article now is the best because it pays correctly for the views unlike others which do not show promising results at all ever since the Penguin update. So, a writer can make a neat amount of money in this site by writing QUALITY articles and promoting them on social networking sites. Social sites are the latest trend in marketing techniques as they increase views and therefore earnings.

Certain sites like helium and ehow are not available for countries

in the east because certain people spammed their sites and it took a lot of time and work to remove the content. It should be remembered that English is a beautiful language and people who are not aware of the basics of grammar should not attempt to write at all because they will only succeed in spoiling the name of their home country and thus result in others getting banned as well.

Expertscolumn is a promising site and ranks high on Google’s search engine. Please join expertscolumn if you think your level of writing is good enough and if you have the time to share your thoughts. Some people join and then leave off in the middle. Dedicated work will get you sure results in the field of writing.

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I am a writer and love to write about religion and philosophy. I also like to write verses about nature.

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