Solar Energy - A Hot Look

Solar energy is a renewable energy source. The heat and light that emanates from the sun has been used by people from earlier times itself for making fires and drying things. The non renewable energy sources are fast depleting and becoming costlier. Solar energy is a cost effective energy source that can be harnessed to solve the energy crisis.

There are two types of solar energy technologies: active and passive. The solar heat is captured through panels in the active category whereas the passive type consists of more complex technologies which make use of other materials as well. Pumps, fans

and photovoltaic panels are used to harness the solar energy.

Solar energy is beneficial because it is clean, cost effective, helps reduce cost of fossil fuels, renewable and does not pollute the atmosphere. This form of energy can be used in cooking, lighting, agriculture, heating of water, disinfection

of water, vehicles and solar power. Products like solar powered lamps are very popular throughout the world. Research is being conducted to effectively use solar energy even more effectively. The world would be a lot better off if solar energy is used instead of the diminishing fossil fuels. Regions which do not have much of solar energy can make use of stored solar energy.

Tip: With the introduction of subsidy in India for Gas cylinders, it is very wise to invest in solar cookers especially because India has a warm climate and solar energy can be tapped to cook and also save precious money, time and energy. It will also reduce pollution caused by other traditional cooking methods like firewood or coal stoves

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